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      AB Hardwood Flooring Supplies is a flooring company operated in Chicago area. We are a full service distributor of hardwood flooring and goods. Our company guarantees you a floor that perfectly matches your sophisticated taste, style and budget. For wood flooring, we offer a wide selection of sizes and grades from domestic to exotic species. We specialize in solid hardwood floors (both prefinished an unfinished), engineered floors, laminated floors, bamboo floors and water based. We have been providing excellent services at affordable, low prices to our customers since we opened. Choosing the perfect floor is easy when you are informed about your options and you can make a comparison of which wood is right for your home or office.

If you are a Home Owner on redesigning your Homes or a person who is about to deiced about the Flooring for your new Home, the Hardwood Flooring is worth considering. There is some Hardwood Flooring basics which we need to know. The Hardwood as a Flooring material is the best choice due to its sheer beauty, super strength and long life than any other flooring material available on Market today.

You can be confident that genuine Hardwood Flooring will add significant beauty, quality and value of your home. A Hardwood floored house has the rich look and smooth feel that can never be possible with any other flooring material. Unlike the other flooring materials, the value of your Hardwood flooring increases with time, and you will see that your house gets valued many times over what you have invested now for installing the Hardwood flooring.

So, select the Hardwood as your flooring and live a life of peace and happiness of having selected the best the nature has to offer.